Easiest Process – How to Make Money from Flipkart Affiliate programme

Start Flipkart Affiliate Programme

Research work:
Once your Flipkart membership account is in place, the next step is research work. For maximum success, you must choose the category you want to focus on. You need to decide if you want to promote all Flipkart categories, or just focus on some of them. Here are some tips to help you make this decision: 
 Make Money from Flipkart Affiliate programme
Your interests can help you determine which products are best for your promotion. If you are interested in a particular category of products, you should choose to work with them as you will have more knowledge and experience. This will enable you to sell these products to others. E.g. If you are interested in fashion, you can use clothes, accessories and similar products.
Your skill is another key metric that helps you determine which category to use. For those with more sophisticated skills, dealing with all categories may be a viable option, and for most of us, focusing on just a few categories that suit our skills is the best option. 
If you the level of expertise in your chosen category will affect your success. For example, if you choose to use a category of electronics, you should have the technical expertise to understand and understand which products are better than others and how to help buyers. This will enable you to convince more buyers to buy the product.
Once you have decided on the category/category you want, we are all going to start making money. But first, you’ll have to invest some resources to maximize the revenue potential of your Flipkart affiliate.

Carried Out:

 Step 1: You need a blog or website that gives you access to the largest buyers, maximizing your sales and revenue potential.
Step 2: Determine the domain name of your website or blog. Here are some tips to help you choose the best domain:
  • You can take a direct approach and choose a domain name that describes what it contains. If you’re planning to post a blog on Gadgets, you have the option to communicate the name of the blog’s content as simple as www.allAboutGadgets.com or myGadgetsblog.com
  • The other alternative is to take the opposite approach, where your domain name has nothing to do with the content it contains. In this way, you can choose a domain name as your name (as I already did), what you like (kiteflying.com), how readers will resonate (freshideas.com), and more.
Step 3: Buy your domain name. I found two trusted sellers and I constantly re-examine my domain name needs. These are Hostgator & Godaddy. They are also the largest players in the domain, so do business with them to ensure smooth transactions and worry-free domain name transfers. You can book a .com at 700 / – Rs and .in domains at Rs 199 / –
Step 4: Now that you need a good blog hosting service after completing your domain registration, you need to be very cautious when choosing hosting services because it will have a direct impact on your revenue if the hosting service is closed, so never use cheaper Hosting plan. I have done research on hosting service providers and have suggested the following providers because I use them and I am very satisfied with their service.
  • Hostgator WordPress blog host
  • Bigrock host
  • Hostgator has this one click on the WordPress Settings button; you can use it to set up your blog.

Step 5: Next, you will need the theme for your website/blog. There are many free WordPress themes available; you can install whatever you like.
Step 6: Install the SEO plugin, which will help on-page search engine optimization.
Step 7: Once your blog is ready, you need to start posting on your blog/websitee.
  • The topic of publishing trends
  • You will keep your latest, popular products in your category Flipkart and write them down
  • Your writing can include guides, suggestions or reviews; you can also compare products within the same niche. However, be sure to always give a clear winner from the product you are comparing. Tourists love the plight of which product articles your article should not stay in
  • Add a product affiliate banner below your post
Step 8: Start promoting your blog / website. Try to maximize your blog / site visitors. More tourists will mean more profit. By doing this
  • Various social media platforms
  • Good link building technique
Monitoring results:
Gradually accumulate in the number of posts, continue to promote your blog; you will find your blog traffic will begin to improve. As traffic grows, you will have a chance to profit from it. Soon you will find that you are selling through your Flipkart account and after you realize you will celebrate your first income from Flipkart.
I’ve already shared some tips I used to earn Rs 25,000 in 30 days. Apply them to your website / blog to see how your success grows.
Since many people asked me how to maximize their membership income, I made a post on how to use Facebook to earn money from Flipkart members. Read and make sure to add your query in the comments section.
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