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Daily Math tricks in Hindi daily practice classes video and practice set with mock test course. We going to discuss and solve each and every type of mathematics problem, with some very simple and easy magic tricks in Hindi and English as well.

From start a new math practice course which is fully free. And the course is available in Hindi and English. That means you can get your free class here daily basis in bilingual.

Daily Math Tricks

What you can get from here in daily basis—

Our professional math teachers you can call them math solver. They solve your math daily basis and give you practice set so you can join our video class right now.

With video classes which is fully free with this classes what type of math they are solved, with that they give you a free PDF copy for practice those maths in daily basis.

Not only video classes and practice set with all those they give you some more practice set in the form of mock test. So if you preparing for any kind of government job Central level or state level u can join our free classes, and you can get free mock test practice set from here in daily basis.

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If you want to join our math class, for practice set or learnt deeply or magic tricks in Hindi or English you are welcome. There is two way to join our free classes number one is you can visit our YouTube channel, our channel name is preparation Live. And the second method is you can allow our web push notification and we give you update daily basis for each and every classes.

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As we have a mission to “give you some money as well from learning”, to fulfill that mission here in math practice class, we give you a daily basis quiz competition. That means how many math our teacher solved in a class does, all type of map are including in a mock test quiz. So if you win that quiz you earn 50 rupees cash prize as well.

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  1. Fractioncalc

    I would like to share a few tricks which i found cool.

    Two digit number and its reverse always divisble by 11

    The sum of a two digit number and its reverse is always divisible by 11

    eg (66+66/11 =132/11=12)

    89+98 /11=17 etc etc)

    Magic of 37

    any 3 digit number where all the digits are same is divisible 37.yes!! 333,444,555,666…all are divisible by 37
    Mental Multiplication with 11

    multiplication by 11,for eg 35*11=385(3(3+5)5) keep the first and the last digit same and the middle digit is the sum of the two
    multiplication of numbers with same tens digit


    step1: 2*(2+1)=6 is the first digit.

    step2: 7*3=21 second digit

    multiply numbers between 11 and 19.

    eg) 18*14=252.

    step 1: 18+4=22

    now add a zero at the end we get 220

    step 2 :multiply the right most digits 8*4=32

    Add 220 and 32

    we get 220+32=ans

    The sum of 5 successive whole numbers is always divisible by 5

    eg) 6+7+8+9+10=40 which is divisible by 5

    The product of 3 consecutive natural numbers is always divisible by 6

    eg) 6*7*8=336/6=56

    The product of 3 consecutive natural numbers is always divisible by 24(if the first of the 3 natural consecutive natural numbers is even)


    The last digit of the product of any 9 consecutive natural numbers is always 0

    eg )(1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8*9=362880)

    (as the product of any 5 consecutive natural numbers is always 0)

    mentally squaring for 5

    eg) 35*35=3*(3+1)…..25=1225

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