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welcome you in This new world of possibilities – LBbook Store

We are really happy and feel proud to work with you

In this Lbook welcome Agreement Details arrticle, we going to discuss How you make some extra money even double or 4 times than your current revenue. And how LBook help you to do so?

It is very simple. You just focus to create your own content, and rest of the thing we do for you.

Firstly on This page divided into 3 parts

in the first part we going to discuss how you earn 500 to 1000 rupee extra per 1000 view and, we introduce you with Lbook Platform.

In the 2nd part, we clear why and how

And in the final part, we start the demonstration. or you can say preview a demo.


Lets start with 1st part-

Recently we launch a new book which is a single user base e-book (.apk) and protect with User Id and password only for a single user and in this EBook format, Your follower or viewer can use this book as like a pdf file.

1. Book name- LBook Matrix Science Special – SSC MTS, NTPS & Group D, All UP & UPSSSC and others exams

2.  This suggestion book composes by Indian top 3 coaching organization and 7 top comparative book writers.

Study Point, and national job seeker, also help us to create this suggestion book for Railway NTPC & Group D , SSC MTS, UPSSSC and other competitive exams Exam candidates.

3. Book composers also take guarantee for 30-40% common questions.

4. Price Of This book- only 40 Rupees

5. Available ENGLISH & हिंदी language.

6. Sample copy free and open.

As you Know, Actually You get exactly 50% commission from per sell if you connect with us through this magic book. That’s mean 20 rupee from per sell.

So if you tell your viewers about this magic book and give them free Sample or Preview copy, then….?

 Yes the preview copy is always free for everyone just let them know about this masterpiece

 Now, Let’s look at this very simple calculation-

Let’s suppose

suppose you have get 10,000 I mean 10K new views on your a new video.

And the bookselling rate should be 5% to 8 or 9% I mean in every 100 viewers 5 to 8 viewer can buy this book.


For 1000 view your selling should be 60 to 70 Book minimum.

so for 10,000 views, this slling should be 500 to 600 pice.

 5000 to 6000 rupee extra minimum. With gift and Rewards. without any effort.

 Hey, Don’t worry You just focus to create your own content and chill, Because rest of the thing like technical support or book buyer support or any other kind of issue everything in this platform we do for you.

So wait for what just call us on this number to start your selling – 7585872872

And we Start setup for Your Personal Dashboard to understand your sells and analytic. and this Dashboard also helps you to understand sales and revenue report and data about your customers…

Do You know? Your Seals revenue transfer direct to your bank account in every 3 days.

Agreement Details

, we need to clarify why and how?

Our vision is clear- India’s most Popular E-Book Publisher for competitive exam. Guarantee success.

And we want to build this platform is an easier way to help and earn.

Remember- you may need the various type of support like

1. Technical issue.


2. Sells related support.

3. Remember our sells and physiological expert support you to increase your own sells through your own video. And give you necessary strategy.


4. Any other kind of support.

5. Our all book buyer also call us for any kind of support.

Let’s look at the commission and benefits

 Book Rs 30 Only

1. Book Writers of coaching organization get the share of=(3×2) = 6 Rupee

So now we have 30-6= 24 Rupee

2. Our maintenance charge= 4 Rupee

3. Your sharing= 65% = 19 Rupee +

Firstly you need to fill up a form with some basic information and submit us to setup your dashboard.

Let’s move to the final part of this Page details which is more visual –

Your Revenue directly transfer to your bank account.

Privacy Policy, / Terms and conditions

Demonstration part

First check Free Preview copy of book for all.

Now start selling- we handover all > a. Dashboard, Your link, Take your test, Implement.

We are always live (24*7) to any kind of support.

For Affiliate Agreement contact

After fill up this form Send to the mail id – –[email protected]

That’s it to start your own Selling with India’s no 1 free learning platform

Phone Number-  7585872872

*Please read carefully – 
Privacy Policy, / Terms and conditions

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